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Share the following tweets and images on social media to encourage Governor Cuomo to bring incarcerated parents closer to their children. 


Sample Tweets and Images


  • .@NYGovCuomo please SEE & SUPPORT the 80,000+ children w/incarcerated parents in NYS & sign Proximity Bill A6710A that would place their parents in prisons closer to home, making it easier for them to visit. #SeeUsSupportUs #ProximityNow 

  • .@NYGovCuomo Covid is a huge strain on families with incarcerated loved ones. Visiting is hard enough without traveling 100+ miles. 

    Governor Cuomo, sign Proximity Bill A6710A TODAY and support NY’s children with incarcerated parents! #ProximityNow 


  • .@NYGovCuomo please support children of incarcerated parents & sign Proximity Bill A6710A. Visits are a lifeline for many children, but now visiting is hard b/c parents are in prisons far away. Signing #ProximityNow would ensure parents are closer to home. 

  • Most people in NY prisons are 100+ miles away from their families in prisons inaccessible by public transportation. Kids want to but can’t see their parents. 

    #ProximityNow @NYGovCuomo: sign Proximity Bill A6710A NOW & bring children’s parents closer to home! 

  • Visiting is a lifeline for children w/ incarcerated parents, but visiting is hard b/c parents are in prisons far away. Tell Gov. Cuomo that signing Proximity Bill A6710A is important to families b/c it would move parents closer to home. #ProximityNow https://www.governor.ny.gov/content/governor-contact-form

  • Most children want & need to see their incarcerated parents but prisons are too far away to visit. Visiting supports children's wellbeing and is associated with successful reentry. @NYGovCuomo sign Proximity Bill A6710A to bring children’s parents closer to home. #ProximityNow

  • “The costs associated with visiting, paying for a rental car, gas, food, & lodging are a lot. It’s hard for everyone, especially those who are not financially stable.”-Anthony

    @NYGovCuomo sign Proximity Bill A6710A to bring children’s parents closer to home. #ProximityNow

  • During Covid, children are especially worried about their incarcerated parents. When visiting reopened, many still couldn’t get there due to distance. @NYGovCuomo Sign Proximity Bill A6710A to bring children’s parents closer to home. #ProximityNow 

  • Young leaders, like April, are telling us what they need: to be close to their incarcerated parents. Senator Montgomery & Assemblymember Rozic listened. Now April’s Proximity Bill A6710A awaits the Gov’s signature. Tell him to sign: https://www.governor.ny.gov/content/governor-contact-form #ProximityNow

  • Distance takes a huge toll & can damage relationships. “I didn’t have the opportunity to spend more time with my dad, to go visit and see how he’s doing. Him being far away I kind of forgot about him. Him being closer I wouldn’t forget” –Anthony #ProximityNow

  • "@NYGovCuomo, please don’t sweep us under the rug. I know you have to listen to a lot of people, the ones who are powerful. But my words are powerful and the Proximity Bill comes directly from the community. We won’t be dimmed out.” -April #ProximityNow

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