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Share Your Visiting Story and Help Us Advocate to Improve Visiting at New York Prisons and Jails

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Share Your Story about Why Visiting is Important

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We invite all who have experienced the incarceration of a parent as a child, family member, and formerly incarcerated parents to share your story about visiting a loved one at a prison or jail. Your stories will remain anonymous.

Why share your story? Personal stories help move hearts and minds. We hope that by sharing your stories, decision-makers will support bringing back the Family Visiting Buses (that would transport people to prisons in New York State, at no cost to visitors), move incarcerated parents to prisons closer to their children, and create or strengthen

child-friendly visiting practices at prisons and jails in New York State.

We are interested in hearing about a specific visit, visiting barriers, and anything else you would like to share. Here are a few suggestions about what you might include in your story in the form below:

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What do visits mean to you and your family?

What was positive?

What was challenging about getting to the visit and/or the visiting process?

How do visits look, feel, smell and sound?

How can visits be better?

How did the elimination of the Free Visit Buses affect you?

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Thank you for sharing with us!

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