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The 2019 See Us, Support Us campaign will focus on increasing and improving ways to maintain the parent-child relationship during a period of incarceration, including through visits. When children want to visit an incarcerated parent, they should be able to do so in a way that supports their healing and well-being. Unfortunately, in many cases, this is not reality. This guide directs how you and your organization can use your social media voice for positive change.




A powerful way to promote SUSU and its message is through social media. Sharing content increases the number of voices who are speaking up for children of incarcerated parents. We welcome content created by families affected by parental incarceration: artwork, poems, photos, and ideas for how to support children and families. We encourage content that emphasizes the importance of visiting, your ideas on how to improve visiting, visiting best practices, and efforts in your community to improve visiting. Please share the #WordsMatter images contained in this guide and use “visits” and “visiting” rather than “visitation.” Thank you for SEEING and SUPPORTING children of incarcerated parents.

Where to join the conversation:




Join us to see and support children of incarcerated parents. This year, SUSU focuses on the importance of child-centered visits at prisons and jails, and removing barriers to visiting.

Each week of October, we will highlight one of the “5 Reasons to #SupportVisiting”. Most children want and need to visit an incarcerated parent, but barriers and misconceptions about visiting make it difficult for children to visit. To remove these barriers, we encourage you to share a reason each week in October and share content related to the reason on Facebook and Twitter to highlight the needs and experiences of children of incarcerated parents.




Sample Campaign Tweets:

  •  Join us during October to SEE and SUPPORT children of incarcerated parents. Visit and join the SUSU Network #SeeUsSupportUs #SupportVisiting @OsborneNY

  • Join #SeeUsSupportUs by sharing why it is important for children and families to visit incarcerated loved ones and tell us your ideas for how to make visiting more child-friendly at #SupportVisiting

  • #SeeUsSupportUs by taking action to support child-friendly visiting practices at prisons and jails at #SupportVisiting

  • Join the #SeeUsSupportUs Network and learn tips and strategies for supporting children before, during, and after a visit with an incarcerated parent #SupportVisiting

  • Join the #SeeUsSupportUs Network and learn tips and strategies for supporting children before, during, and after a visit with an incarcerated parent #SupportVisiting

  • Lessen the stigma that children of incarcerated parents face. #SeeUsSupportUs by saying “visits” and “visiting.” Systems that separate children say “visitation.” Families and friends “visit.” #WordsMatter #SupportVisiting

Follow national partners on Twitter: 

@OsborneNY@ACCIPP1@SFCIPP@CTCIPInitiative, @We_GotUsNow, and use #SeeUsSupportUs. 




Sample Facebook and Instagram posts:

  • October is #SeeUsSupportUs a month of awareness raising activities on social media and in communities to increase the visibility of and support for children of incarcerated parents. JOIN THE SUSU NETWORK today at and visit to hear directly from youth about their diverse experiences and learn tips for how best to support them. This year, SUSU focuses on how to support children who want to visit an incarcerated parent and actions communities can take to remove barriers to visiting an incarcerated parent. #SupportVisiting

  • Celebrate the creative expression and talents of children and families affected by parental incarceration during #SeeUsSupportUs this October. Lessen the stigma that families of the incarcerated face by sharing their stories and artwork on social media and spread the word about the SUSU Art Contest for youth. Use the hashtag #SupportUsSupportUs and visit to learn more.

  • I JOINED THE SUSU NETWORK to See and Support children and families affected by parental incarceration. By joining #SeeUsSupportUs you will learn about 5 reasons to #SupportVisiting for children who want to visit an incarcerated parent and learn actions that you can take to advocate for child friendly visiting practices. Learn more at



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