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Take Action All Year: Get Involved

Take Action to Support Children of Incarcerated Parents

 Youth Action Council Calls on New York State to pass bills that would make visiting more accessible. 

Educator Action Steps

If you work in a school or afterschool setting, we invite you to do the following: 


#WordsMatter: Commit to Using Humanizing Language

Think of how a child feels when their parent is called an “inmate” or “criminal.” To children, they are moms and dads, first and forever. 


Take these steps today: 

  • Download our #WordsMatter postcards and post on social media or share with 5 friends.  

  • Join the FWD.Us People First Campaign, advocating to drop harmful labels from criminal justice reporting. 

  • Commit to using humanizing language in all that you do.

Words Matter Postcard 2016_Page_2.jpg



Under the FAMILIES Act, federal judges would be able to divert parents and caregivers from

incarceration into a comprehensive program that would better serve them, their families, and

society by offering resources, services, and training to meet their unique needs. Learn more


Protect In-Person Visiting in New York State

NYCIP calls on New York to pass Bill S2841A/A4250A to require state prisons and county jails to offer in-person visits, ensuring in-person visiting hours will not be reduced or replaced with video conferencing. Learn how to #ProtectVisits at NY's State prisons and jails here

VICTORY! Proximity Signed Into Law in New York State

The Proximity law requires New York State DOCCS to place incarcerated parents at facilities of their designated security level which meet their programming needs that are closest to their minor children. We encourage families to let their incarcerated loved ones know about this law so that the incarcerated parent can ask the facility how to apply for a transfer. To learn more, contact

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