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Action Steps for Educators

Learn how to see and support children of incarcerated parents in schools

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See and Support Children of Incarcerated Parents In and After School

Educators can support students in and after school through support groups, leadership development programs, advocacy opportunities, and other models that create spaces for children and youth to connect with others experiencing parental incarceration.

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See and Include the Incarcerated Parent

While children with incarcerated parents face unique challenges, their parent still remains their parent even when incarcerated: incarceration is where they are; not who they are. Many incarcerated parents are and want to be involved in their child's life, and many children of incarcerated parents want the same. 

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SupportTeachers and School Staff 

School administration can support students of incarcerated parents by providing the people in direct contact with them the support they need to understand the unique challenges of children of incarcerated parents. 


Celebrate See Us, Support Us Champions

Celebrate the educators, school administrators, legislators, allies and more who are seeing and supporting children of incarcerated parents.

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