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Youth Resources 

Resources for Children and Youth of Incarcerated Parents

Tips for Youth Navigating a Parent's Reentry

Tips video for youth BY youth with incarcerated parents. 

Youth Supporting Fellow Youth with Incarcerated Parents

Tips sheet for youth BY youth with incarcerated parents. 
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IF Only You Knew
U.S Dream Academy Podcast

Podcasts by youth with incarcerated parents aiming to heal, educate, and  create change in their communities. 
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Coping with Incarceration

Check out the videos and storybooks that Sesame Street made about coping with incarceration of a parent.  For all ages!
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KidsMates Blog

Stories by and about children of incarcerated parents. Learn about advocacy efforts and more. 

Managing Stress and Anxiety
Tip Sheet

Learn the differences between stress and anxiety and ways of managing stress. 
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Resources for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Locating an incarcerated parent, resources and youth programs in NYC.
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Our Values, Our Voice, Our Vote Tip Sheet 

Learn how YOU can reform the criminal legal system. 
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Words Matter Guide

Use humanizing words that do not stigmatize our families.
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Teen Guide to Living with Incarcerated Parents
Book by Anye Young

Anye Young shares personal stories and tips and tricks she learned while coping with the challenges of life away from her father and in a single-parent home.

What is Systemic Racism? Incarceration

One minute breakdown about how systemic racism shows up in the criminal justice system.  By Race Forward.

Break it Down Tip Sheet

Learn how interactions with the criminal legal system can impact immigration status. Short guide created by CUP
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 Book List for All Ages

Books for and about children and youth of all ages who have or had an incarcerated parent. 
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Ashley C. Ford talks about having an incarcerated father and her new book, Somebody's Daughter. 
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Peer Defense Project

Library of free legal information, education, and tools for youth. Volunteer or request a free consultation or seminar! 
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POPS Voices, POPS the Club

Youth impacted by incarceration express their profound truths through conversation, writing and artwork. 
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Guide on Visiting NYS Prisons 

Info about visiting and staying connected with an incarcerated loved one.
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Self Care Tips and Resources

Explore actions and routines that can help you heal. Created by Partners in Healing.
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Podcasts by and about children and youth with incarcerated parents. You Are Not Alone. 
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Manejando Tu Estrés, El Instituto Nacional de la Salud Mental

Aprende las diferencias entre el estrés y la ansiedad, formas de manejar y sobrellevar tu estrés, y sobre los recursos disponibles.
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Understanding the Criminal Justice System

Interactive guide for school-aged children by the CT Children with Incarcerated Parents Initiative
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How Race Shapes Our Criminal Legal System

Learn  how race  has shaped the criminal legal system in the past to now.  3 minutes.
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Echoes of Incarceration

Short video journalism pieces that tell the experiences of youth who are directly impacted by the criminal justice system. 
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Mass Incarceration, Visualized

Learn how incarceration disproportionately impacts people of color.  2 minutes.  
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My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma & Mending Our Hearts and Bodies

Examines the damage caused by racism and how to grow beyond our racialized divide. Look for it at your local library. 
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Taking Care of You Tip Sheet
National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Resource on self-care and taking care of YOU. 
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Protective and Promotive Factors To Support Youth Well-Being

A guide for youth on protective and promotive factors that increase the likelihood of devoloping into healthy, thriving adults. 
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