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Videos + Podcasts

SUSU 2023: Reentry Through a Child's Eyes

A SUSU panel event sharing insight, guidance, and recommendations from those with lived experience and reentry expertise.

Reentry Tips for Parents

The 2023 SUSU Youth Team share tips for parents navigating reentry.  Click here to see our tips for youth. 

Dear Diary by Nazare

1st Place! 


See Us, Support Us 2022 Art Contest

If Only You Knew:

U.S. Dream Academy Podcast

In this podcast designed by young people for young people, we strive to shift the narrative around the negative impact of parental incarceration and poverty on the lives of young people.

"Knock Knock"

by Daniel Beaty

Watch Daniel Beaty's powerful spoken word about having an incarcerated father. Find out more about Daniel Beaty's work here.

SUSU Youth Team Podcast 


The 2023 SUSU Youth Team share their insight, wisdom, and tips for navigating parental  reentry. 

SUSU Youth Team Podcast 


November, 2022 

The SUSU Youth Team talk about the types of support they find helpful, share self-care tips, discuss how stigma affects them and much more.

My Resilience Story by

Ava Lantiere

"I am the type of person who will speak up for injustice when I see it. Without going through all I went through, I don't think I would be anything like the person I am today. And I love who I am today."

"A Visit With my Father"

by Kharon Benson

Kharon Benson explores his complex emotions of discovering that his father was incarcerated which ultimately led him to bring a camera to Sing Sing to ask his father all the questions he’s always wanted to ask.

Impacts of Incarceration

by Pathfinders Network

In this playlist Anyé talks about how success lies in self growth, her personal feelings about her dads release/imprisonment, authenticity, mental health, and more. To see more from Impacts of Incarceration click here.

Half of My Parents, All of Me

Running time: 20 minutes

2022 SUSU Youth Fellow, Folashade Olatunde, shares her experiences with rebuilding her relationship with her dad.

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