Resources to Support Children with Incarcerated Parents

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Osborne's New York Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents Toolkit 

Find a variety of resources to support children of incarcerated parents

Covid Selfie Graduation

COVID-19 Support for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Tips on supporting children of incarcerated parents' unique needs during COVID-19

Children in Science Class

Education Resource Toolkit

Find resources for educators and school staff on supporting children of incarcerated parents in the classroom

Support Group

5 Steps to Creating Safer Schools

Check back soon for tips on how to creating safer schools for children of incarcerated parents

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Children of Incarcerated Parents Bill of Rights

Display the Bill of Rights in your classroom to signal to children that it is a safe place for them

See Us, Support Us Social Media Guide

Check back soon for guidance on how to participate in See Us, Support Us month on social media


NYS Senate and Assembly Pass the Proximity Bill!

The Proximity Bill requires NYS DOCCS to weigh the location of minor children as a significant factor when choosing where to incarcerate their parents.

Words Matter Postcard 2016_Page_1.jpg

#WordsMatter Resource for Using Humanizing Language

Use humanizing language when talking with children about their incarcerated parents to show you care and see their parent as more than their incarceration