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Educator Resources

Resources for educators and school staff seeking to see and support children of incarcerated parents in educational settings

Joining Forces

A school-based support circle for youth directly impacted by incarceration


Action Steps for Educators

Steps to start supporting children of incarcerated parents in educational settings

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Creating Affirming Spaces

Learn how to create safer spaces for children of incarcerated parents

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Do's and Dont's

Short video by the SUSU youth team about how to best support them

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2021 Youth Listening Session #2

The second panel featured young people alongside educators, administrators, and policy influencers sharing best practices for SEEing and SUPPORTing students with incarcerated parents.

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2019 SUSU art contest winner, Maison, draws his relationship with his incarcerated dad

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Teaching for Black Lives

Book edited By Dyan Watson, Jesse Hagopian, Wayne Au

Teaching-for-Black-Lives_Cover.png Resources

Find resources for school staff to support youth with incarcerated parents

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POPS The Club

Curriculum lessons for supporting children of incarcerated parents through self-expression

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Supporting Youth with Incarcerated Parents

Video for school staff supporting students with incarcerated parents

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NYC Resources

Fact sheet of NYC resources for children with incarcerated parents and their families

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Tip Sheet for Teachers

Pre-k through grade 12: supporting children who have an incarcerated parent


National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated

Directory of national programs serving children and families of incarcerated people

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Youth Listening Session for Educators, SUSU 2021

Youth share recommendations for supporting them in educational settings and beyond

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5 Tips for Educators

Not sure where to begin? Learn five tips on how educators can support students with incarcerated parents


 Book List

Age-appropriate books for and

about children of incarcerated parents 

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2021 Youth Listening Session #1

The first panel featured young people who have experienced parental incarceration speaking about what helps and hinders their educational success and wellbeing.

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Youth Team: ASU Panel

The See Us, Support Us Youth team share how to best support youth with incarcerated parents at the ASU annual conference

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11 Million Days Lost

Resource on race, discipline and safety at US public schools

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Families Outside

Guidance and resources for schools supporting children impacted by incarceration

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Police-free Schools

A toolkit by Girls for Gender Equity for NYC schools on sustaining police-free schools

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Words Matter Guide

Using humanizing language when speaking about people impacted by incarceration

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Equal Justice Initiative Racial Justice Teaching Tools

Resources for exploring the nation's history of racial injustice and mass incarceration

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Advocates for Children

Tips for working with children of incarcerated parents

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The Conscious Kid

A website dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity

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