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Reentry Resources

Reentry resources for youth, parents, and caregivers

Reentry Tips for Youth

Tips for navigating reentry for youth made by the SUSU Youth Team. 

NYC Connections

Connections is an annual reentry resource guide to help people coming home after incarceration. 

Reentry Reflections Webinar

Families share tips, successes, and challenges in navigating parental incarceration and reentry.

When Mommy Comes Home

This book serves as a first step toward a successful reentry process.

See You Soon

Beautifully illustrated story of a little girl’s worries when her Mama goes to jail, and the love that bridges the distance between them.

Reentry Tips for Parents

Tips for parents for navigating reentry made by the SUSU Youth Team.

National Reentry Resource Center

This handbook was designed to help family members understand more about the New York State correctional system when visiting an incarcerated family member.

Reentry Through a Child's Eyes

A SUSU panel event sharing insight, guidance, and recommendations from those with lived experience and reentry expertise.

When Daddy Comes Home

This book was inspired by the 2.7 million minor children whose parent is in jail, prison, or a halfway house. Preparing for reunification by everyone involved is a necessity. 

Coming Home from Prison | Impacts of Incarceration

"It's tough re-engaging with family and community members. They won't understand these weird fears you continue to balance of I'm out here but I don't know how to exist out here."

Chasing a Dream & Restorative Justice | Impacts of Incarceration

"People make horrible decisions and mistakes, sometimes simply surviving doing what they're taught, help them see who they are instead of being apart of this stigmatized population of people who are unredeemable."

Delancy Street Foundation

Find age-appropriate recommended books for children of incarcerated parents

Connections NYC

Statewide Coordinating Council on Children with Incarcerated Parents

Ready, Willing, and Able

NRCCFI is the oldest and largest organization in the U.S. focused on children and families of the incarcerated and programs that serve them

Safer Foundation

Find tips, videos, storybooks and more resources to assist children in learning about parental incarceration

Community Bridges

Developed by the San Francisco Partnership for Children of Incarcerated Parents as a roadmap to safeguard children whose parents are involved in the criminal justice system

National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens

Federal website of national resources

Words Matter Guide

Join our #WordsMatter campaign to use humanizing language to refer to PEOPLE and PARENTS who are incarcerated or have come home, and replace "visitation" with "visits" or "visiting"

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