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Help Protect In-Person Visiting in NYS

Visiting is a lifeline, but limited visiting hours make it difficult to visit. Jails across the country are enticed by predatory video conferencing companies to reduce or eliminate in-person visiting hours to make money off of families who need to be connected. Passing the Protect In-Person Visiting bill would would require correctional facilities to offer evening or weekend visiting hours and protect in-person visiting hours from being replaced with video. SEE and SUPPORT children of incarcerated parents and take steps to call for the passage of this bill. 

Update:  The State Senate passed the bill on May 31, 2022! Thank you all for making calls.  Now we need the State Assembly to pass the bill by June 2, 2022 when the legislative session ends. Help us make some noise! 


Please call, email, and Tweet your New York State Assemblymember and Assembly Speaker Heastie to urge them to pass A4250A this session.  


Call Assembly Speaker Heastie: 518-455-3791


Look up your Assemblymember HERE (listed as "lower chamber")

Sample phone/email script:​

Subject: Pass Protect In-Person Visits bill A4250A TODAY                                   

Dear _________________,                                          

Please Protect In-Person Visits at correctional facilities and join the New York State Senate in passing A4250A this session. Limited visiting hours at correctional facilities make it difficult to visit and I am alarmed that jails across the country are replacing in-person visits with video conferencing. The Protect In-Person Visiting bill (S2841A/A4250A) would require correctional facilities to offer evening or weekend visiting hours and protect in-person visits from being replaced with video conferencing. ​There is nothing like seeing a loved one in person. Please support families and pass A4250A now. 

Thank you.

Tweet Leadership: 

Visits are a lifeline for families, but in-person visits at jails are being replaced with video conferencing in other States. @CarlHeastie [tag your Assemblymember] pass A4250A NOW to Protect In-Person Visits in NY State law & require weekend or evening visit hours. #LoveLivesInPerson

Learn about the bill here:

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