Help Protect In-Person Visiting in NYS

Take action for #SeeUsSupportUs! Visits are a lifeline for families, but prisons and jails across the country are replacing in-person visits with video visits. 

Victory!  The NYS Senate passed the Protect In-Person Visiting bill at the end of the 2021 Legislative session. We now call on the NYS Assembly to do the same.



Call and email  your New York State Assemblymember today and ask that they co-sponsor Bill A4250A.  Sample script:

Subject: Protect In Person Visiting, Bill A4250A

Dear Assemblymember, 

Visiting is a lifeline for children and families with an incarcerated loved one. Please support their wellbeing by co-sponsoring bill A4250A to protect in-person visiting in NY State prisons and jails.  I am concerned because correctional facilities across the country are replacing visits with video conferencing and this bill will ensure that this does not happen in NY.  Children with incarcerated parents are counting on you to support their relationships with their parents. 

  • Find  your Assemblymember here.

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