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Bay Area of Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (BAYCIPP)


About Bay Area of Children of Incarcerated Parents (BAYCIPP)


We are a regional coalition designed to leverage resources, relationships, programming, and talent to enhance awareness and advocacy for children with incarcerated parents.  We believe that with the collective efforts of regional partners across the Bay Area we can strategically identify and allocate resources that will shift the conversations, practices, and policies of institutions that can unintentionally cause harm to children and their caregiving parent.

Ours goals are clear:

  • To lead a regional charge in strengthening the families and communities of the half million children of incarcerated parents who reside in California. 

  • Promote education, training, and policies that safeguard children of incarcerated and justice involved parents.  

  • Embed our practices within the framework of local government and nonprofits; making this population a priority for policy and decision makers.  

BAYCIPP email address:
Twitter: (@baycipp)

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