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What A Perfect World.

By: Chantel J.
A short poem about reentry.

Perfection is impossible. 

Just as traveling at the speed of light. 

To truly be advertency 

One must accept the emotional cascades. 

Ride with the fluctuations of the currents. 

Clog the seepage of doubt. 

Let your perfect imperfections percolate your being. 

No one is above you, the journey is endless.

I know sometimes it’s hard and you can even feel helpless. 

But we all need support. 

Somebody to lean on.

And if you take that first step,

The isolation won’t be long. 

People love to love you,

They long to see you shine. 

Accept patience and compassion because it’s always the right time.

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Support Us (SUSU) raises awareness about and increases support for children of incarcerated parents. SUSU is a year-round effort with national partners, culminating in a month of action in October. Learn more at

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