Supporting Children of Incarcerated Parents During COVID-19

While all children are responding and adapting to  COVID-19 in their own unique ways, children with incarcerated parents have the additional burden of worrying about their parents who they can no longer visit and speak to as often, if at all. Children may be hearing about the dire situation in prisons and jails so it is important to ask children what they are hearing and feeling so that you can provide simple, age-appropriate truths and correct misinformation. We can help children make sense of our new world in a way that is honest and minimizes children's anxiety or fear by regularly creating space for children to share how they are feeling and to ask questions. Even if you don’t know how to respond, simply listening and validating feelings is helpful. 

We will be sharing tips and strategies for supporting children who are worried about and/or disconnected from their incarcerated parents soon.  In the meantime, visit our Facebook @NYCIP for resources for speaking to children about COVID-19 and join the SUSU Network to learn more ways to SEE and SUPPORT children of incarcerated parents.


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