8 Days of Rights Sample Tweets and Images

October 1

Follow #8DaysofRights for first week of #SeeUsSupportUs as we champion rights of children of incarcerated parents: osb.mx/BillofRights

October 2

For first week of #SeeUsSupportUs we are tweeting each Children of Incarcerated Parents Bill of Rights for #8DaysofRights. Today is Right #1

October 3

#SeeUsSupportUs #8DaysofRights Children of Incarcerated Parents Bill of Rights #2: Listen to what children say they need

October 4

Day 3 of #8DaysofRights “I have the right to be considered when decisions are made about my parent.” #SeeUsSupportUs

October 5

Visit http://bit.ly/1P4spiy for options that help parents plan for their children’s care while incarcerated #8DaysOfRights #SeeUsSupportUs

October 6

In-person visiting provides opportunity for children to process trauma of separation from incarcerated parent #8DaysOfRights #SeeUsSupportUs

October 7

#8DaysOfRights For resources on supporting children’s well-being while parent is incarcerated visit our SUSU Toolkit #SeeUsSupportUs

October 8

Reduce stigma & use humanizing words when referring to incarcerated parents. They are parents not “convicts” #8DaysOfRights #SeeUsSupportUs

October 9

Maintaining contact with family during incarceration can increase child’s well-being and reduce recidivism #8DaysOfRights #SeeUsSupportUs


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