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Voices from See Us, Support Us: POPS the Club -Jennifer Birstien

Dear Mama

by Jennifer Birstein


Dear Mama,
I got to see you before Christmas and you are finally out
I hope it stays that way and you don’t go wondering about
I hope you get a job and stay on your grind
Just remember you’re always on my mind
Even though you’ve caused so much pain in my past
I hope this time you’re out and it lasts
You look weaker every time I see you
I hope you stay sober and true to your word
“I’ve changed. I’m not going back, baby, you heard me?”
Yes, I heard you, but it’s actions that matter, not what you say
‘Cause last time you said that you were back in jail the next day
Maybe God’s finally going to answer our prayers
Now that I think about it, 15 years without my mom wasn’t fair
But it was all for a reason
That’s what my dad says, but I don’t believe him
Anyway, I love you and I hope you stay in the clear
And make 2018 a better year.

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